„Health Innovation Center Nordwest“

In October 2015, Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest started the project “Health Innovation Center Nordwest” on behalf of the magistrate Bremerhaven and funded by the Metropolregion Nordwest. The project aims to strengthen the connection between stakeholders of the life sciences sector and companies of the healthcare industry. Within this framework, a platform will be created in order to facilitate communication and exchange.

Opening up regional Innovation Potential
The medical-technical progress is often defined as the key driver in the healthcare market. Particularly in demand are research approaches in the area of early detection and diagnosis of diseases as they allow a faster treatment and help to stint useful resources. For instance, MRSA rapid tests can prevent infections of other patients thus limiting the spread within hospitals and other sectors of the healthcare system.

Innovative solutions are also needed with regard to the health care supply of older people, especially in rural areas. In addition to that, we are forced to already think about the health maintenance of the people who will belong to the group of the elderly in twenty years. To create innovative solutions, the health care and life science industry are able to make an elementary contribution.

A strong network of both branches is therefore a requirement in order to open up regional innovation potential. For that purpose, a website including a business database will be created to give an overall-view of life science companies operating in the Metropolregion.

Moreover, various events will be hold offering participants the opportunity to network and connect with potential business partners. Thereby, new research and development approaches can be corporately evolved. In order to translate these approaches into practice, a constant monitoring published as part of the website shall ensure that suiting funding programmes are identified and pursued.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the project, please feel free to contact us!

Project Manager
Sarah Marquardt
Hinter dem Schütting 8
28195 Bremen
Telefon: +49 421 33 62 73 -12
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This project is funded by 14 07 21 Logo Metropolregion Nordwest