Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e.V.

Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e.V. is the network for adding value, health care, qualification and research in the health care industry of the metropolitan region Northwest. The aim of the association is to get a stronger networking of stakeholders and staffing ratio in the regional healthcare industry.

About 155,000 people are employed in the health care sector, representing 12% of all employees in the region. Many companies and institutions have a worldwide profile, thus functioning as lighthouses radiating beyond the borders of the North-West. Likewise, numerous research institutions, universities and other educational institutions provide a high quality and professionalism of employees in the regional healthcare industry.

Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e.V. is committed to foster information, communication, cooperation and attracting project partners from the healthcare industry. Among its more than 70 members, there are chambers of commerce, craft businesses, other industrial companies, hospitals, health insurances, health initiatives, research institutes, universities and business development agencies which are operating in the metropolitan region Northwest.

The members are linked into four thematic platforms:

On all platforms, projects are acquired according to the thematic focus. If you want to find out more about Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest e.V., please click here.